It’s obvious: Additive manufacturing is the best technology for bringing product ideas from a concept to a reality. Accomplishing so in days versus years, and at a fraction of the cost. Solutions of Consequence 3D, SOC3D for short, was created as a byproduct of our team bringing a new product to market.

We found that product development, R&D and prototyping costs are egregiously high. Tooling costs, fabrication costs all of it. After launching our product we took our additive manufacturing equipment and experience and began offering rapid prototyping to the general public.

Our mission is clear! Democratize the benefits of additive manufacturing for everyone, helping them save countless dollars and shave years off their product timelines.

Our tagline “Everything from Toys to Satellites” came from one of our technicians who pulled a toy off one machine an a satellite body of another and realized that we make everything.