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Additive Manufacturing

Everything From Toys to Satellites


Full service additive manufacturing solutions

From design to final assembly

Retail 3D Printing

For props, prototypes, Cosplay and everyday items.

Commercial 3D

Engineering and Aerospace
For terms, Lot Testing and ultra high performance materials.

Molding & Casting

For medium volume production or part replicaiton.

CAD Design

Our CAD modelers can bring your idea to life or replicate an existing part.

Full service additive manufacturing

Strategic partnerships allow us to offer full product development and sales

Distributed Printing

SOC3D has a primary facility in Michigan with several auxiliary facilities for handling dynamic volumes of general purpose printing.  We have reserved space and vendor agreements to allow for rapid expansion to meet Medium to Large volume part runs.

Ultra Performance Materials

Utilizing High End polymers from 3DXTech and Various printers from Stratasys & Others, Evolution Aerospace is able to print functional aerospace and aeronautics parts.

Brand Design and Marketing

Designers & Inventors can leverage our partnerships to have a brand and marketing strategy developed.

Online store or Brand Page

To help Designers and Inventors increase sales through a web presence we have partnered with a web hosting company to offer free hosting for small to medium stores.  Our Customers can get a CMS setup or a static Brand page and start promoting their product to increase sales and awareness.

From concept to customer

When manufacturing thousands of products there very quickly becomes a need for logistics.  Our partners will warehouse, package and ship products to your customers.  The entire process is hands-off to you.

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Fulfilment Services

SOC3D Can Design, Manufacture, Assemble, Package, Ship & Market your Idea!


We can list your models on our product site (still in beta) print on demand and send orders to our customers. You receive a commision for each sale.
Best for Designers

Full Service

You give us an idea.  We design it, manufacture it, assemble it, package it, brand it, market it and ship it to customers.
Best for Inventors

Blind Fulfilment

You send us orders, we manufacture and ship them with no branding.
Best for Etsy/Ebay/Amazon Sellers

Branded Fulfilment

You send us orders, we manufacture and ship them with your branding.
Best for Small Retail websites

Fulfilment Services Include

Free web hosting for your online store
*Optional Web Development & Graphics Design
Free listing on
In House printing rates
Printed or Cast Parts
Print Finishing
Full assembly
Tag, Bag & Box
Shipping to your customer

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